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Your body is only as healthy as the food you put into your mouth.  Our doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers tell us to eat healthy foods.  There is even a book called Eat This and Not That.  Numerous  articles on the internet can be researched if you want to eat healthy.  I remember growing up hearing that president George Bush did not like broccoli.  All over the news, doctors started to stress that brocoli is good for you and can help prevent colon cancer. I never remember hearing anyone speak about the effects of eating healthy foods on your mouth and gums.  What benefits  do these foods have?

We all can eat a little better and healthier and here, I will list the effects that healthy foods have on our mouth and gums. According to the ADA, fiber rich fruits and vegetables have a detergent effect in your mouth.  They stimulate mature acid neutralizer-saliva- which also restores calcium to your teeth enamel.


Raw broccoli is rich in vitamin A needed for healthy tooth enamel.  When eaten before drinking acidic beverages like wine or soda, it can reduce enamel erosion by up to 50%.  It can also help to lower the risk for oral, larynx and esophageal cancer. 


Pears have more of an acid-neutralizing effect on tooth surfaces than most other fruits which can help to minimize tooth decay.




Raw Carrots contain Vitamin A, needed for healthy tooth enamel and they are a tooth cleaner




Garlic is a powerful immune system booster and can help maintain healthy gums.




Apples are nature’s toothbrush, helping to clean your teeth if you can’t brush and floss until later.



Celery requires a lot of chewing which increases saliva production lowering cavity risk.  It’s fibrous strands are effective in scrubbing teeth.




Cranberries may inhibit oral bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease.



Brussel Sprouts are a great source of phosphorous, aid in calcium absorption and keeping your teeth strong.



Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C which aids in keeping  your gums healthy. They reduce inflammation and may slow the progression of gum disease. Be careful with lemons and do not suck on them.  Also lemon water too because the direct acid will soften your enamel and lessen your defense against cavities. 


Figs provide potassium and bone-building calcium.




Bananas do not stick to your teeth and they are filled with lots of vitamins and health benefits.


 American Dental Association

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