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I don’t know about you but one of the hardest things to hear from someone is that YOU HAVE BAD BREATH.  Hearing this is like a punch in the gut.  In matter of 5 seconds our emotions go from embarrassment to denial to anger.  “NO I DON’T” we shout.  This can’t be happening to me as we frantically search our pockets for a breath mint or a piece of gum.  After searching through our pockets, purses, anywhere we might have something to mask our bad smell and find nothing, we quickly cover our mouth as we start to speak.  All we want to do at this moment is to leave as fast as we can.  Our feelings are hurt as we mutter under our breath as we try to leave.

Being told that we have bad breath once or twice happens to all of us.  However, what if we are constantly told that our breath stinks?  What could be causing our constant bad breath?

There are a few causes of bad breath.  The first can be poor oral hygiene, avoiding your dentist and having a buildup of calculus/tartar on your teeth.  Calculus is yellow, or black if left on for a very long time.  It is hard and has bacteria inside of it.  The bacteria causes your gums to swell, bleed, can lead to bone loss and can give you bad breath.  This one is easy to fix because it requires you to visit your dentist for a cleaning.  Once the bacteria are removed off of your teeth, your breath will start to get better.

Another cause of bad breath is dry mouth.  If you are a mouth breather or you are taking medications that cause your mouth to be dry, this can make your breath smell bad.  Keep your mouth hydrated by drinking throughout the day.  Sucking on a sugarless candy or chewing sugarless gum can keep your saliva working in your mouth.

Post nasal drip can also cause your breath to smell bad.

Acid reflux as known as GERD can also cause bad breath.  Acid from your stomach comes up your esophagus causing heart burn and can enter your mouth.  This can erode the enamel off your teeth as well as give you bad breath. 

Tooth decay can also cause bad breath.  If you have a crown or bridge in your mouth and there is decay under it, you can get a bad odor from it that can cause bad breath.   A dental infection or abscess in your mouth can also cause bad breath.

No matter the cause, it is important to see your dentist regularly to keep your mouth healthy and prevent you from developing bad breath.


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